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Main Event’22

5th - 9th December 2022

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One Winner
Rules Them All

The WSOT Main Event is an intensive 1-week final tournament that
announces one World Champion to win the grand final prize.

Total prize pool value:

$ 200,000

Champion prizes

first place

The WSOT Champion will win an exclusive career opportunity as a prop trader with our partner and a guaranteed $100,000 starting capital with a 90% monthly profit split immediately after starting

first place

Start your journey as a Trading Star - WSOT website and social media presence

first place

Lifetime VIP membership on

first place

Lifetime Champions’ Skin Avatar on

first place

Place in the WSOT Champions Hall of Fame

first place

Personal business meeting with Lars Gottwik, founder and CEO of TRADANTS (producer of WSOT), founder of DeepTrade USA, founder, and ex-owner of JFD Bank and JFD Brokers.

Strategic Trading Coaching

Personal trading style analysis

Career path development discussion

Exclusive Special Awards given by Scope Markets

🎁 Flights to London for 2 people!

🎁 2-night accommodation in London for 2 people!

🎁 Tickets for a West Ham United game for 2 people!

Each participant in the Main Event can receive only one of all the listed titles and their associated prizes. The first three winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) are not eligible to win any additional Participants' Prizes. If a playtrader qualifies to win two or more Participants' Prizes, they will receive only one. The following placeholder for the same Participants' Prize will receive the other.

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Participants’ prizes:

Agenda at a Glance

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