Main event

Level up and compete for the grand prize at the WSOT Main Event See how to qualify and become the world’s next trading star.


Classic tournament winners who have won qualification tokens can join the WSOT Main Event with a total prize pool value of $ 500,000.

The Main Event is an intensive 1-week final tournament that announces one World Champion to win the WSOT grand final among Classic tournament winners and a few wildcard holders.





Main Event

$ 500,000 prize pool value

Wildcard draw



Wildcard draw

All players who have competed in WSOT tournaments (both Classic and Headhunt) are eligible for the Wildcard draw - winning a unique bonus chance to compete in the Main Event, no matter if they have won a tournament or not.

The Wildcard is awarded by our tournament sponsors and is selected on a random basis. We may also award wildcards to selected players that have not won a Classic tournament, but have shown exceptional performance and deserve another shot at the stars.

One winner rules them all

The Main Event winner receives:

  • The Grand WSOT Final prize
  • A dedicated Pro Player influencer spot in our Watch Section
  • Special Prizes from WSOT Partners
  • A guaranteed carrier as a Prop Trader
  • Opportunity to become Trading Coach and travel the world while sharing his/hers experience & knowledge

WSOT Champion is an inspiration to all playtraders worldwide.


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Main Event Qualifiers