Crypto Trading Tournaments & Competitions

WSOT offers free crypto trading competitions which everyone on the planet can enjoy. The WSOT tournaments have no investment requirements, and playtraders earn cash rewards from playing free paper trading games on our unique trading platform!

Crypto Trading Tournament

A crypto trading tournament on WSOT is a free trading game where participants compete against one another by trading crypto on the MT5 platform. The tournament winner with the highest performance % and the best trades climbs the leaderboard to claim his share of the announced prize pool:

Crypto Trading Tournament Rules

  • Max allowed open positions at a time: 50
  • Minimum open positions at a time: 10
  • Maximum orders at a time: 50
  • Minimum holding time: 10s
  • Minimum distance between trades: 15s

If you need further clarification about the tournament rules, do not hesitate to write us at, and we will be happy to clarify.

Main Event Qalifier


Guaranteed 50% of total prize pool


Guaranteed 20% of total prize pool


Guaranteed 10% of total prize pool

All the rest

The prize pool distribution depends on the number of playtraders at the end of the tournament.

Types of Crypto Trading Tournaments

On WSOT, different tournaments vary depending on their duration and trading instruments. Our crypto trading tournaments are:

Crypto All the Time is our Classic two-week crypto tournament, where playtraders can bring your crypto skills on the trading arena and enjoy an epic trading battle as they compete for the $3,000 prize pool.

Crypto Weekender is our shortest Classic tournaments, where crypto traders can enjoy a fun weekend competing with each other in our trading arena for a slice of the 10,000 WSOT Coins prize pool and test their skills in a fun trading enviornment.

Crypto Trading Instruments

We have more than 70 cryptocurrency pairs that playtaders can choose to trade on WSOT - see the full list of available options below.

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How to Join WSOT Crypto Trading Tournaments


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Choose the Tournament You Would Like to Join

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Remember its Starting Time & Join the Game


Crypto Trading Tips & Advice

Earn free financial trading


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Trading tournament winner’s checklist

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Where to Learn Crypto Trading

You can quickly learn some practical trading strategies and upgrade your trading knowledge with our free Video Academy - we offer a comprehensive Beginner’s, Expert, Advanced and Crypto course and some MT5 tutorials on our Learn portal

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How to Withdraw Your Winnings

Step 1:Accumulating a prize

The playtraders with the highest performance % win our trading tournament and earn a share of its announced prize pool. Once the game is over and only if they haven’t left the tournament before it finishes, they can see their accumulated prize in the Prizes won section of their Personal area (User profile).

Step 2:Submitting for verification

Remember that you will be able to receive your prize only after passing our verification process. You can submit your verification only after accumulating at least $10 in your Prizes won section.

Our verification ensures you have not duplicated (made more than one registration with different mail addresses on your device) user profiles to unfairly maximize your winning chances, as stated in our tournament rules. Rest assured our advanced security checks will detect any fraudulent activity associated with your device at the Verification stage.

When verifying your user profile, enter your phone number in the correct format (‘+’ sign, followed by your country code and no spacing between digits), enter a house or street number in your address, and refer to a credit or credit debit card number. This is a standard verification procedure - we do not use your info for any malicious practices, and we take your Internet safety very seriously.

Step 3:Prize withdrawal

Once you have successfully passed your verification, you will be able to request your prize withdrawal from the Prizes won section in your Personal area. Please note that withdrawal options are as follows:

  • Paysafe (Skrill) transfers are available for all sums. If using Skrill, just add your Skrill address in the Paysafe field.
  • Bank transfers for sums larger than $2,500.

For any questions or need of assistance, please contact