Who Are We?

WSOT.com is proudly brought to you by TRADANTS - a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with unrivalled expertise in capital markets, e-gaming and financial technology.

We have a proven track record in founding and scaling companies and disrupting existing business models by changing them for the better.

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Addressing a Global Problem

In today’s global world, capital markets are still difficult to access by people from all over the world. Even though financial service providers claim to democratize capital markets by reducing or eliminating their fees and commissions, the truth is that 10% of zero are still zero! For example, if you are new to trading and wish to enter capital markets, you still need initial investments to get profitable.

You might be wondering - is it worth risking my money when I’m not even sure I get something out of it?

‘Definitely not!’ We thought and set on the exciting quest to develop an innovative trading ecosystem with the firm belief that trading shouldn’t be about buying and selling financial instruments for profit.

Instead, we think that everyone should be able to enter the trading world without risking any assets, learn and improve his skills and get the chance to earn real money by building his fame and career as the next trading superstar!

Bringing a New Perspective

This is how WSOT.com was born - With the bold vision to democratize capitalism once and for all by merging three industries - financial markets, skill gaming, and esports. Just think of transforming trading into a worldwide game where players have an equal chance for success, irrespective of their home country, parents’ wealth or educational background.

With WSOT.com, we don’t just transform industries for the better but create a new one through gamification and continuous innovation. Our digital environment allows you to increase your financial knowledge and earn from trading risk-free while enjoying what all cultures worldwide love to do: play and compete for the win!